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Positivity. Staying positive is the key to life

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Written on 31/01/2021


It’s been a very challenging start to 2021 for everyone.

The 6 month countdown has already started for some couples so the excitement should be kicking in…

But instead, couples are again having to decide whether to postpone their weddings to later this year or 2022 (some couples will be on their 3rd or 4th date change) or take the tough decision to cancel and start planning again when things have settled down.

We understand how hard this is for all couples that have been affected, we know it’s frustrating and very upsetting…but we also know that everything will be OK.

Some of our gorgeous couples are unsure how to proceed at the they put their plans to have a baby on hold for another year or wait to move house …life seems so unfair.

The next 6-12 months are still uncertain, but with the rollout of vaccinations, we can all move past this terrible time in our lives, it’s not going to happen overnight but there are things we can do to help us get through the next stage.

So what to do…

Well tomorrow is Monday 1st February…

The start of a week and a new month…

And here at Weddings by Ann Leneghan we are all about POSITIVITY in February

Does it work? I hear you ask…what a load of old codswollap..where have you been for the last 10 months….don’t you know we’re in the middle of a pandemic..

YES…we have lived through those months of disappointment, heart-ache and sadness with you all we too have struggled with bad new.

BUT LOVE is still very much alive!

Couples are still getting engaged and after all February is the month of LOVE.

Here is our guide on how to stay focused and positive as you all live through more disappointments and cancellations….

Your wedding being postponed or cancelled due to Covid is definitely going to be on your mind, all the time…Remember that stress is a very normal reaction to abnormal circumstances….don’t bottle up your emotions, scream, shout and TALK to your partner or family and friends about how you are feeling…AND it’s OK to feel sad, angry.

Try to look forward rather than holding on to negative feelings…your special wedding day will still go ahead, it may be later than originally planned or a smaller, more intimate event…but the safety of you and your family and friends is more important right now.  Please try not to obsess about something that no-one has any control over at the present time and turn these thoughts into positive feelings, and move forward with planning your wedding day.

Everything seems to be about Social distancing now…but you can still reach out…Zoom and Video chats are amazing ways to keep in touch with your family and friends…why not host a video party, after dry January kick start February with a few drinks and each get a take-away pizza…or make your own.  Never be afraid to reach out to your nearest and dearest and share your worries and your plans.

SMILE…it really does work…I read something last week about when you arrive to your front door after a stressful day at work, that you should walk in with a Smile, as that sets the tone of the remainder of the evening…have you ever noticed how infectious a SMILE can be… you’re walking down the street and someone smiles at you and you smile back…makes you feel good inside..

Practice gratitude…say thanks for another day, for your wonderful children, for family and friends. 

Try to take every day as it comes…I’ve learned that if I focus on the present, rather than looking at the past which we can’t change…I am better able to look at solutions for what’s to come in the future. And it also means you have found some extra time to make changes to your wedding plans…a 2nd chance …

A final Positive note

I hope that this Blog has given you a few ways to be more positive and to see the sun through the clouds.

It really does help to Think Positive, Talk Positive thoughts…it helps you feel Positive…

Surround yourself with positive people and SMILE

Ann Leneghan
Lanzarote Wedding Planner
Weddings by Ann Leneghan

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