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Choosing the engagement ring!

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Written on 21/12/2020

Proposal Season is looming…lots of couples are about to get engaged over Christmas and New Year..

Statistics tell us that nearly 20% of all engagements happen in December…that’s a lot of emotional pressure heaped onto just one month…poor December

The start of the “holiday” season, that very American term, is sometimes also known as “proposal” season…again very American but nonetheless very true everywhere.

While Valentine’s Day is hugely popular for engagements, December and in particular Christmas and New Year’s Eve win the bet on popularity.  So it appears that this is the best time to “pop the all important question”.

So, with Christmas and New Year almost here engagement season is upon us…no pressure then!!!

And there is no denying that getting “engaged” is a super exciting time for every couple and signals amazing and exciting times ahead…

Choosing the engagement ring

So, when it comes to “popping” the question what do you do about the engagement ring?

Many single ladies and guys will be wishing for or expecting to get the ring on the Christmas tree.

Are you worried you won’t find the right engagement ring?

And do we singletons expect our future hubby or wife to “get it right” and what happens if he/she presents you with a ring that you hate!!!!

Lots of you will be worried about making the final decision on the RING

I asked a recently engaged Bride to be about her engagement..

And she told me that they had planned when it would happen, it was going to be very romantic weekend away in a lovely, stylish hotel, but her other half was so excited and couldn’t wait...and he proposed in the kitchen.

Moral of this story is it doesn´t matter where, it doesn´t have to be a big affair with fireworks, it can be in the kitchen, the train station,  all that matters is that you love each other and it´s what you both want.

Getting Engaged in Lanzarote


So… the “burning” questions

Would you change the ring if you didn´t like it? Most couples I’ve chatted with have said YES they would and they have…after all an engagement ring should be timeless and it’s something that should last forever and even be passed down to your children and grandchildren.

Should you leave some hints lying around, for instance leave magazines open at certain pages?  In short, YES…or you could leave other hints like pointing out what you like as you pass a jewellery shop.. the goal should be to find the perfect style to suit your “other half”…have a look at the rings they currently wear, that should give you an idea of what they like.  Is it Gold, White Gold, Platinum…so much to choose from. 

Lanzarote Engagement Ring

Stunning Jacqueline Emerald Vintage engagement ring…

Would you prefer to be surprised with the actual ring at the engagement or a promise ring so you can choose your ring together later? I have found from asking couples that this is around 50/50…a lot of couples are already living together so the next step is to announce the engagement and a wedding date.  So in effect they know than an “engagement” is on the cards..

Getting Married in Lanzarote

Beautiful “promise” ring from Pandora

Most couples say they like the element of surprise as to when they are asked that all important question.  Even though around 60% of couples discuss getting engaged they also liked the idea of “spontaneity” also.

Most people have an idea of the type of engagement ring they want so it’s great to chat with your partner and communicate that to them, without actually shopping together so there is still some element of surprise later.

And for the couples who really don’t know what they want the best option is to be presented with a “promise” ring and choose the actual “engagement” ring together later.

Does it put unnecessary pressure on the groom/bride to choose the ring to present at the proposal? Undoubtably the pressure is “on”, and more so if the groom or bride want to surprise their partner and propose with the actual ring…so how can you alleviate some of the stress.?

Do some digging…you’ll need to know the ring size, so you could look at their current rings and “borrow” one for sizing. You might be thinking “but can’t the ring be re-sized later”, yes probably but it will depend on the design, if you have to lose stones then the whole look of the ring would be distorted.

Don’t get caught up on the latest trends…spending a fortune doesn’t always mean your partner will love it.  Young couples now are looking for something “different” and “timeless”…think outside the box..or you could design the ring.


Lanzarote Wedding Rings

Make sure to buy a beautiful “ring” box to complete the proposal…some couples use the box the ring came in…but something different will add to the surprise.

Keeping the ring hidden might not be as easy as you think…don’t leave it in your coat pocket, or even in the wardrobe...those are places that are too obvious.  Also be careful not to try and disguise it with bags etc as these could easily be mistaken for rubbish and get thrown out. 

So maybe keep it at the jewellers, give it to a family member or good friend who are sworn to secrecy.

Are you planning to travel somewhere for the proposal? Exciting, but now you also need to think about how to bring the “sparkly” item with you…

If you are planning on going to a local hotel, then maybe drop it off the day before and ask the Reception to keep it safe until you arrive.

If you are flying off to far off shores (although probably not in 2020 with travel restrictions) then maybe camouflage the ring in a larger box and tie a little note asking security to be discreet telling them what’s inside.  Or pop the ring box into your clean socks, or shoe... (make sure your partner does NOT unpack for you)

Whoever thought that there is so much more to think about when you are planning to propose other than buying the ring.

Huge Congratulations to all you wonderful couples out there …remember LOVE is all that matters… 

Some helpful links.

For more inspiration on where to buy an engagement ring, read this amazing article from One Fab Day .

Keane’s Jewellers have a wonderful range of engagement rings...and they can also supply the wedding bands to suit.

How about designing your own ring…then we can highly recommend Robbie Carlyle..he is based in Palmerstown Jewellers in Dublin..he designed and made engagement and wedding rings for his wife Paula…

And for our UK based couples…


And thank you for taking the time to read my BLOG…it’s so much fun writing for you.

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