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Alternatives to wedding cakes!

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Written on 31/10/2020


A wedding cake and especially the cutting of is a big tradition at weddings. But times change, you can be a real sweet tooth and not like cake. Here are 10 great alternatives to the traditional wedding cake:

Donut Tower

We all love donuts. And you don’t have to have them placed on a wall as a self-serving station, you can also pile them up, add stunning decorations and have them instead of a wedding cake!

Cheese Wheel

For all of you who are more for savoury than sweet, a cheese wheel is the way to go! Add some crackers, different types of bread, fruits and figs and you’ve got yourself a yummy alternative.

Wedding Biscuits and Cookies

Weddings biscuits and cookies can be made to suit your theme and are just adorable.


Why not go for a beautiful macaron cake?



You might not like traditional style cakes, but what about a cheesecake?





A yummy bit size pastry filled with whipped cream and covered in chocolate; sound good?





Apple pie, blueberry pie, pecan pie, … so many delicious options to choose from, or have a mix of different kinds.



Cinnamon Rolls


Same as the donut tower, you could also create a cinnamon roll tower. Or have a big cinnamon roll cake.





If you’re a chocolate lover, chocolate brownies are the way to go!



Dessert Table


If you just can’t choose, why not have a dessert table where all of the above is served, in smaller doses!



Photography: Pinterest

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